Academic Language and Literacy Architects is designed to engage elementary through postsecondary educators in becoming language architects.

This session will provide educators with resources to cultivate and maintain a learning system that insists on rigor, breaks down barriers, aligns the work, and advocates for students.

Through the implementation of language-building routines and scaffolded instruction, educators will explore how they support students in using their voice, culture, identity, and language to access and produce rigorous and language-rich content.

Educators will leverage AVID's college and career readiness skills by coaching students to nurture and grow their own student agency, opportunity knowledge, and rigorous academic preparedness.

Participants will engage in both synchronous and semi-synchronous learning. All strategies, digital activities, and digital tools experienced can be leveraged in face-to-face or virtual learning environments.

Performance Objectives

  • Create and maintain equitable learning spaces that honor the assets of students’ cultures, identities, and languages to increase academic success with rigorous content.
  • Provide instruction and scaffolding that support the development of student voice in order to raise the level of academic discourse and student agency.
  • Utilize a systematic and scaffolded approach to disciplinary literacy that will engage students as language architects in accessing, reading, comprehending, and questioning rigorous content-specific texts for taking ownership of and advancing their learning.
  • Strategically implement authentic disciplinary-writing strategies to scaffold and enhance students’ learning, success, and engagement as they write for a range of rigorous academic purposes.


Module 1
Breaking Down Barriers: Culture, Identity, and Language as Assets

Module 2
Advocating for Students to Use Their Powerful Voices

Module 3
Rigorous Academic Preparedness: Insisting on Rigor Through the Complexity of Given Tasks

Module 4
Aligning the Work Through Writing