This differentiated AVID ElevateXP™ professional learning experience is designed to empower elementary educators with foundational knowledge and strategies to increase their skills and confidence in using writing as a powerful tool in a 21st century learning environment.

Educators across all discipline areas  will gain strategies for teaching the writing process, build an understanding of the four common academic modes of writing (persuasive, expository, narrative, and descriptive), and writing for a range of academic purposes. Participants will explore the power of metacognitive writing to cultivate literacy and student agency with a focus on primary and intermediate learning environments.

Educators will experience how digital strategies and instructional best practices (WICOR®) can be integrated into the learning process schoolwide. This collaborative experience will allow educators to support pre-emergent and emergent learners to access rigorous content and write like content experts.

Performance Objectives

  • Intentionally include learning-through-writing instructional best practices within lesson design and delivery across all grade levels and content areas to deepen understanding and turn invisible thinking into visible learning.
  • Understand and utilize each mode as a writing tool to help students develop clear and efficient communication of ideas in order to understand the content more deeply and tackle any writing situation they encounter.
  • Understand and utilize the writing process as a learning tool to help students improve their academic writing and to develop a deeper connection and access to content.
  • Understand metacognition and strategically infuse metacognitive strategies into lessons and content in order to encourage students to think about their thinking when writing. 
  • Support social and emotional learning through understanding the importance of metacognition in evaluation, feedback, and self-reflection.


Module 1
The Power of Making Invisible Thinking Visible

Module 2
The Modes of Writing to Increase Schoolwide Literacy

Module 3
The Writing Process to Empower Learners

Module 4
Feedback and Metacognition