English Language Arts is designed to support ELA educators in grades 6–12.

Educators will become familiar with and deepen their understanding of intentional integration of speaking and listening, writing to communicate, and how the AVID Critical Reading Process provides access to rigorous nonfiction, fiction, and nontraditional texts.

Participants will engage in both synchronous and semi-synchronous learning. All strategies, digital activities, and digital tools experienced can be leveraged in face-to-face or virtual learning environments.

Performance Objectives

  • Understand what disciplinary literacy is and how, when it is combined with AVID’s core processes, both educator and student agency are cultivated and learning targets are met.
  • Leverage the power of academic speaking and listening skills necessary for students’ success in both college and career.
  • Facilitate learning opportunities that empower students to access rigorous texts and communicate with an authentic purpose.
  • Design learning opportunities that activate student agency and create opportunities for students to share their voice with an authentic audience.


Module 1
Cultivate Educator and Student Agency

Module 2
Help Students Find Their Powerful Voices

Module 3
Engage With Texts as Mirrors, Windows, or Sliding Glass Doors

Module 4
Confidently Communicate With Authentic Audiences