Leading Change for Educational Equity 2 (LCEE2) is designed as a follow-up to the Leading Change for Educational Equity training that introduced school teams to the four AVID Schoolwide Domains. Partners can select up to four days of training focusing on the Domains (Instruction, Systems, Leadership, and Culture) for their LCEE2 professional learning experience. This offering explores Systems.

Prerequisite: This learning experience is designed for people who have attended Leading Change for Educational Equity (LCEE) or Leadership for College and Career Readiness (LCR).


Leading Change for Educational Equity 2: Systems focuses on strengthening schoolwide systems thinking, utilizing the Plan-Do-Study-Act framework for continuous improvement, and developing data analysis and accountability measures to support system-wide capacity building.

Participants will learn strategies to effectively lead systems improvement that promotes coherence and increases the intrinsic motivation among teachers and staff to ensure equity, access, and opportunity for all students to become college and career ready.

Performance Objectives

  • Lead continuous improvement efforts by creating coherence among key systems to equip and inspire educators to ensure equity, access, and opportunity for all students so that they are college and career ready.
  • Utilize meaningful data that reliably predict college and career readiness for all students, understanding the root causes for student achievement results.
  • Develop and use effective systems for data collection and analysis to advocate for equity and access for all students to be college and career ready.


Module 1
Systems Alignment and Coherence

Module 2
Data Collection and Data-Informed Decision Making as a Means for Capacity Building and Collective Mobilization for Change

Registration for this session is open now for dates starting in September 2021.